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Our hope with this page is to give a general overview of the creatures that call Puget Sound home, what environments they live in, and how we can protect them.

This site is not meant to take the place of the more in depth web pages that are out there, simply to be a fun, gateway site that gets kids of all ages interested in the world beneath the surface, and provides parents and educators with engaging multi-media content.

As funding allows we hope to be able to continue this adventure with kids of all ages via classroom/club presentations, live streamed Scuba Dives, and in person or live streamed Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Micro-expeditions.

If educators and parents are looking for even more hands on engagement, we can help facilitate an Underwater Robot Building workshop, where students will build their ROV and then plan the micro-expedition.   We can also put you in touch with one of the numerous groups who run one day or multi day Marine Science field trips.

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