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31 Jan 2015 0 diverlaura


The team at Beneath the Looking Glass would like to thank everyone who’s donated time, energy, knowledge, and contributed hard earned dollars and equipment to the “Know What’s Below” project.

What started out as a small kernel of a dream to stream live scuba dives into classrooms and provide engaging curriculum extension via multimedia format to educators is getting closer and closer to reality.  We are making progress with the website and have a handful of narrated critter videos edited and posted.  It is also our pleasure to announce that we have scheduled two OpenROV underwater robot builds with local after school educational programs: TAF after-school STEM enrichment in Lakewood Park and the Environmental Science Center in Burien.

The progress made so far on this project has been possible thanks to volunteer hours, generous contributions and loaning of equipment.  We are seeking out funding, but did not want to wait to get started.

The bottom line is, we are still in need of some items to make this dream into a reality.   So I’m going to give crowdsourcing a try. Until I get a kickstarter or indygogo up and running, in the same vein as Mass Mosaic and the Buy Nothing movement, I’m going to put this slightly unconventional letter out there and ask for your help.  If you have something on this list that you are not using, would you be willing to contribute or long term loan it to our program, that would be amazing.  This goes out to my friends at manufacturers as well, if you’ve got some old demo kit, no longer useful as sales tools, looking for a home that might fit our needs, we would be delighted to trade for product placement and mention in our partners page.

There will also the option to gift a few things, such as the upgrade so I can use my HD camera system with surface video feed and audio.  I am still working on a streamlined way to make this type of thing easy, we may try something along the lines of Giftstarter.

These items are things I do not use on regular dives and would be utilized primarily for the program. They are things I can’t really justify for day in day out diving, and can only afford to pick up if we can secure funding for the program.  The down side of that is we can’t really move forward with the next phase of the project, the live dive videos, without them.

A starter list:

2-way audio system for scuba diver (full face mask, transmitter and receiver that plugs into upgraded housing) such as OTS communication system in an AGA or Guardian Full Face Mask

Receiver for buddy diver (such as OTS buddy phone)

Topside receiver for communications (Receiver and topside conversion kit)

Upgrades to current housing for diver to surface video and audio

Receiver for housing

Internet hotspot for live streaming with 1 year (or more) of service for pilot program

Latex dry hood for use with Full Face Mask.

2 X Apple laptop (2012 or newer, low end is fine) one for shoreside transmission one set up for classroom style room presenting.

Digital projector for classroom

Portable battery pack for topside transmitting station

If you are interested in gifting one of these items or helping fund with a monetary contribution please contact me as some dealers and manufacturers have agreed to support the program with educational pricing and I can direct you to our fiscal sponsor for a donation receipt if it is applicable.  If you would like to be involved in a more hands on way or read the full project proposal/see a presentation please don’t hesitate to email me.





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